When planning a trip to Las Vegas, you’re probably thinking about how you’ll get around the city.

Should you rent a car while in Las Vegas?

1. Where Is Your Hotel Located?

Where Is Your Hotel Located?

The great thing about Sin City is that most popular tourist attractions are concentrated in two areas, the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas. With public transportation running to and from these locations, it’s incredibly easy to get around – that is if your hotel is situated in a central location. 

If it isn't, make sure to check out what transportation options are available in your hotel’s area and factor in these costs, as well. After all, taking an Uber back and forth might end up costing you more than a rental! 

Please take into consideration its distance too. If you’re looking to spend the entirety of your holiday gambling in casinos on the Strip, then renting a car would certainly be an unnecessary expense. However, it’s definitely non-negotiable when you’re planning on sightseeing and exploring the city. 

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